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Haiku for project managers – trust

Think of “trust” as Humpty Dumpty. Once it’s broken it can’t be put back together.

Eggs in hand
Once broken, it stays broken

Always be honest /
Getting a team to trust us /
Ensures our success

Telling the truth isn’t always the easiest path to take. Messengers sometimes get shot. It’s better to honest than be forced to manage a lie.

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Haiku for project managers – career growth

20160626_150258691_iosWe can’t grow without discomfort. Experience is built through making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Show me someone who is experienced without having made mistakes and I’ll give you my unicorn.

Crush your comfort zones /
Or you’ll be stuck where you are /
Without knowing why

Admit it when you don’t know what to do or how to move forward.  People will respect this vulnerability more than they’ll respect a false sense of security.


Get the book – Haiku for Project Managers. The reviews are 5 star “The author has taken the good, bad, and ugly of working together to get projects done and transformed it into little gems of wisdom and wit. It’s like Dilbert, Office Space, and The Office all rolled together–these poems show you what happens when a diverse group of employees with varying skills and different agendas try work together to complete a critical project as seen through the lens of a project manager. Always true, often painful, but so funny!!!”

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Haiku for project managers – connecting with developers

Managing IT projects presents us with unique challenges. Developers rarely like to answer a project manager’sraised hand questions. They often view the project manager as a distraction. Someone who doesn’t get it, and adds a layer of bureaucracy where it isn’t needed.

When I ask questions /

It is not to anger you /

Questions are my job

A project manager’s highest value to developers is in being able to translate technical issues into business speak, and business issues into technical words. When a project manager has a full understanding of an issue we can be the development team’s strongest ally.

Never be afraid to ask questions, or to admit when you don’t understand a technical issue. In my experience developers will respect you more if you ask questions, than if you pretend you understand something when you don’t.

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Haiku for project managers – tools

Yes, it’s cold outside /winter driving
If you wear the right clothing /
You can still go out

With the right equipment and tools we face few limits in what we can achieve. I’ve survived in -47 degrees Fahrenheit while serving in the Alaska Army National Guard in 1984. I’ve also experienced the 110+ degrees of India in their dry season. It’s easy to come up with excuses when we’re faced with the decision between being active or sitting still. Choose active.

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