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Burn your process documents

Finding and keeping the right level of processes, while respecting that all projects are unique is a challenge everywhere I’ve ever worked. Unless the project management team is focused on one specific category of projects (like deploying a similar application for multiple clients), trying to define processes everyone must follow is bound to fail. If there are exceptions to the process, then the process shouldn’t exist in the first place.

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Haiku for Project Managers – benefits realization

What the heck is this /
Benefits Realization? /
More ways to sell books


Google search results for benefits realization
Only 37 million places to look

We’ll never escape the basics of project management. Scope, schedule, and resources will always be the foundation of our profession. Anyone who’s managed projects for a period of time has seen these basic tenets packaged and repackaged. The old becomes new again.

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Haiku for project managers – stakeholders

It’s important to understand who the stakeholders are on our projects. Not all stakeholders are alike. No matter how Cat curled up on an office chairwell you plan, your understanding of them will remain a mystery.

What are stakeholders? /
Things you’ll never understand /
Even with a plan

Focus on the stakeholders that matter. The ones that can cause your project to fail. The ones where the relationship is important.

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Haiku for project managers – trust

Think of “trust” as Humpty Dumpty. Once it’s broken it can’t be put back together.

Eggs in hand
Once broken, it stays broken

Always be honest /
Getting a team to trust us /
Ensures our success

Telling the truth isn’t always the easiest path to take. Messengers sometimes get shot. It’s better to honest than be forced to manage a lie.

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