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Tendency toward complexity

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One of the challenges that we face in project management is that systems and processes tend to become more complex over time. An example of this how the PMBoK has increased from magazine thickness at it’s inception, to a regular book thickness today. Yet like any skill set, project management itself becomes more of a commodity over time.

How do we find the right balance between useful processes and too many processes?

The complexity /

Of your over-blown systems/

Kills effectiveness

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Haiku for Project Managers – benefits realization

What the heck is this /
Benefits Realization? /
More ways to sell books


Google search results for benefits realization
Only 37 million places to look

We’ll never escape the basics of project management. Scope, schedule, and resources will always be the foundation of our profession. Anyone who’s managed projects for a period of time has seen these basic tenets packaged and repackaged. The old becomes new again.

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Haiku for project managers – career growth

20160626_150258691_iosWe can’t grow without discomfort. Experience is built through making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Show me someone who is experienced without having made mistakes and I’ll give you my unicorn.

Crush your comfort zones /
Or you’ll be stuck where you are /
Without knowing why

Admit it when you don’t know what to do or how to move forward.  People will respect this vulnerability more than they’ll respect a false sense of security.


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