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About me


Robert Prol is a project manager in the financial services industry. He’s managed projects, and built and led project management offices in multiple industries. He has held the Project Management Professional certification since 2004, and has a Masters of Science Management degree from Thomas Edison State University, and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

He served 23 years in the US Army National Guard and US Army Reserve, where his assignments ranged from a staff driver, operations specialist, scout platoon team leader, bridge specialist in an engineer platoon (he was encouraged to blow things up) a staff trainer, and an infantry first sergeant. He retired as a master sergeant in 2004.

He lives close to a beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife Rachel, and their two feline fuzzballs of love, Shadow and Scoot. When not managing projects, or spinning a Haiku, he runs, bikes, carves wood, plays his ukulele (while singing slightly off-key), and bird watches.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter,, or his Amazon Author’s page. All posts on this site are Robert’s thoughts and not representative of his employer or associates.

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