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Desperate project managers

I often think of myself as an accidental project manager. I started my career in marketing, and one day got excited about project management. I shifted my focus, and BANG! I was a project manager.

Most state employment offices offer free project management training and certification support. This has made the way for what I think of as desperate project managers. Their previous occupation has disappeared due to automation, offshoring, or consolidation. Their chosen career is never coming back. They need to transition to a new career. Project management training is free and encouraged.

Few people make it into project management taking this route. They’re missing a very important component in building a new career. Passion. They focus on project management as a way to replace an income from a career they invested a decade or more in mastering. The false allure of a good career sucks them down this new career path of project management. Their motivation is desperation. Which is the worst attitude to carry into a job interview or into a new career.

Look hard at your current career and what is impacting it. Don’t wait for the layoff to have a plan. If you’re displaced from your career choice, invest time in deciding what you are passionate about. Then pursue it. It may require hard life choices. Downsizing, a move, or living on a strict budget. Desperation won’t provide you with what you need to live a fulfilling life.

Have you been forced to make a career path change?

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