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Ensuring your organizational priorities are never met

Without organizational priorities in projects, all of your projects will be low priority by default. Each individual contributor is allowed to prioritize their activities based on their workload and on when individual items are due. This translates to each individual having a different criteria for determining their priorities and longer lead times to project completion.

Productivity is related to throughput. In order to maximize throughput we must refocus our teams on common priorities. The table below represents four projects where activities are completed as they come in (FIFO) and a priority approach. At the end of 6 units of effort (days in this example) we have two projects complete. In a FIFO system it takes 11 units of effort to get complete the first project.

It’s a simplistic example which plays out across many organizations. Prioritize your portfolio and communicate this to your organization. You’ll be surprised at how much better your organization will be at completing projects.

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