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A solution searching for a problem

I blogged for a bunch of years. The topics covered work-life balance, project management, careers, or whatever random thought that fell from my head through my fingertips. Having a writing practice is fulfilling. It helped me become succinct in my communications which saved me lots of time for other stuff.

I stopped blogging because I was interviewing for a job and a few people told me that the blog may hurt my prospects. I disagreed, but pulled the blog down anyway. The job wasn’t worth ending my blog.

My next writing practice was to write a daily (work days) project management haiku. I did that over a year. Many people asked for a book so I chose my favorite 48 haiku, added some business lessons, and published it.

Now that I have this blog back online, I search for what to write about. I have lots of ideas, but want to make sure they satisfy some criteria I’ve been penciling into a list. I want to write about fun topics that are relevant to most people. Life isn’t all work, and I take a lot of time to enjoy the buffet of life. This includes lessons learned along the way. This is an example of the types of blogs I won’t publish. At least not again. There should be a point, not just a ramble. Maybe next time.

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