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Applying lessons from one area of life to another

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I took singing lessons last fall at the Cape Consevatory. It was at the request of my wife. I’d been taking ukulele lessons prior to this and would often play and sing some of my favorite songs. It was a loving request she made, based on not being a fan of my voice venturing across the entire range of sounds a human can make while singing the same song over-and-over.

I also run. I thought about the singing lessons as I was on a 4-mile run along the canal the other day. Running is boring. My mind wanders. I solve problems. I identify birds. I take inventory of my body parts. As I worked my way mentally up my body, I noticed how labored my breathing was. Could it be that I’m getting old and have asthma? Or was it something I could impact to make better?

My inhales were in my chest. Where it seems to want to be. I placed my hand on my stomach, and consciously inhaled to make my hand push out. A few breaths later I wasn’t winded and my pace picked up. Singing lessons helped me run better. Maybe I’ll try singing loudly on a run. Or not.

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