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Haiku for project managers – tools

Yes, it’s cold outside /winter driving
If you wear the right clothing /
You can still go out

With the right equipment and tools we face few limits in what we can achieve. I’ve survived in -47 degrees Fahrenheit while serving in the Alaska Army National Guard in 1984. I’ve also experienced the 110+ degrees of India in their dry season. It’s easy to come up with excuses when we’re faced with the decision between being active or sitting still. Choose active.

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Haiku for project managers – attitude

FrostIf you hold grudges /
When you do not get your way /
Find a new career

Project managers need to possess thick skin. If you find yourself getting upset because activities don’t flow they way you think they should, or you keep score related to your project team, it’s time to find a new career path. Or grow thicker skin.

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